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miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2018

Non-recyclable plastics to be transformed into fuel in the plant of Bin2Barrel at the Port of Amsterdam

Type of post: NEWS.

The Port of Amsterdam will house a new facility where non-recyclable plastic will be converted into fuel (see press release, 7/5/2018). The first project of Bin2Barrel, a Dutch company established in 2012 to make the most of plastic wastes, has already initiated its construction stage.

Key data of the project
Port of Amsterdam
Feedstock and processing capacity
35,000 tons of non-recyclable plastic (not suitable for mechanical recycling).
The flow of non-recyclable plastic comes from Dutch waste collectors and processors. Normally, these streams would be incinerated or landfilled.
Products and production capacity
30 Ml of ultra-low sulphur diesel (EN590) for the transportation industry.
Although it is also suitable for other sectors, the focus is on the marine industry.
28 M€
It is expected to be up and running by the end of this year.

Figure 1. Model of the plastic-to-fuel plant (extracted from Bin2Barrel website)

This is the first time ever that the technology is being applied commercially. According to Bin2Barrel, the fuel to be produced in the new facility is a sustainable alternative to traditional transport fuels as:
- emits 80% less CO2 compared to regular diesel (well-to-wheel),
- has a return on energy in combustion nearly three times higher than in direct burning of plastic in waste incinerators.
The processing of non-recyclable plastic waste in the new plant will lead to a reduction of 57,000 ton CO emission per year compared to today’s manner of waste management.

The aim is to eventually build four plants in the Port of Amsterdam and expanding into the entire Benelux and Germany, in order to make better use of the huge amounts of non-recyclable plastic throughout Europe. Also, it is expected to generate valuable chemical components from the plastic (chemical recycling) instead of producing fuels.

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