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sábado, 26 de mayo de 2018

SCA and St1 join forces to produce renewable fuels from tall-oil

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The core of the business of SCA is the forest. In fact, it owns 2.6 million hectares in northern Sweden. Around this resource, it has built a value chain based on renewable raw material to offer paper, pulp, wood products, energy, services for forest owners and efficient transport solutions. In the same vein, SCA has recently team up with St1 to valorize tall oil, a residual stream from the production of its kraft pulp mills (see press release, 25/5/2018).

The two partners will construct a new facility to produce renewable fuels from tall oil. Both companies together cover the full value-chain from the raw material to the refining process, distribution and sale of the renewable fuel to the customers.

Key data of the project
St1's refinery in Gothenburg.
Products and production capacity
100,000 tons of advanced renewable fuels.
500 MSEK (49 M€).
Current status of the project
Construction subject to permission process and final approval from both companies.
Expected start-up

Figure 1. SCA pulp mill in Östrand. The company is presently expanding it and, as a result of that, the production of tall oil will increase by more than 100%.

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