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jueves, 5 de julio de 2018

BioBTX to start the scaling-up of its technology with a new pilot plant

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Earlier last month, BioBTX (a Dutch start-up focused on the field of bio-aromatics) moved its corporate offices from Innolab to EnTranCe (Energy Transition Center, it offers state-of-the-art facilities and technical support for product research, development and testing), both on the Zernike campus in Groningen (Netherlands). The relocation was a logical step taking into account the imminent arrival of its new pilot plant to the Zernike Advance Processing (ZAP) facilities at EnTranCe. In this way, the offices can be as close as possible to the pilot plant for optimal operation and communication.

BioBTX has developed the Integrated Cascading Catalytic Pyrolysis (ICCP) technology. In the ICCP process, there is no direct contact between the biomass and the zeolite catalyst. This configuration protects the catalyst against poisoning by minerals from the biomass, thereby increasing its lifetime significantly. Moreover, highly contaminated feedstocks (such as crude glycerin) can be processed with this method.

Figure 1. Arrival of the new BioBTX pilot plant to ZAP facilities

The new test plant arrived two days ago at ZAP to start the scaling-up of the ICCP technology. It will enable the transition from the laboratory phase to the pilot phase. According to foregoing information (see “Carduso Capital invests in BioBTX”, Founded in Groningen, 11/2/2017), the pilot plant will have a production capacity of 10-20 kg per hour and could pave the way for for a bigger demo plant.

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