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viernes, 20 de julio de 2018

Attis to build its first commercial biorefinery in Georgia

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Two months ago, the Blog reported that Attis Industries approved several potential sites for the construction of biorefineries in USA (see “Attis preselects six potential sites in USA for its biorefining facilities”, 25/5/2018). Now, the company has just announced the execution of two letters of intent related to its first commercial-scale biorefinery:
(1) With the city of Barnesville to purchase a 32-acre property (see press release, 16/7/2018);
(2) With Jordan Forest Products, LLC (“Jordan”) to provide feedstock procurement services (see press release, 17/7/2018). Jordan is a division of Jordan Lumber & Supply Inc., one of the largest privately owned lumber companies in the USA.

Barnesville (Georgia, USA).
It will be built on an adjacent property to Jordan’s sawmill operations in Barnesville.
Feedstock and processing capacity
200 dry tons per day of woody biomass.
Products and production capacity
- 30,000 tons per year of pulp for sale into conventional pulp and paper markets and as a feedstock for renewable fuel production.
- 20,000 tons per year of melt flowable form of lignin, ideal candidate for use in various plastics applications.
Annual revenue
Roughly, 35 M$.
Employment impact
40 direct jobs.
Plans to increase to over 100 jobs within two years.

Figure 1. Attis will build its first commercial biorefinery in Barnesville (Georgia, USA)

According to Attis, the yield and quality of the lignin polymer extracted surpasses all known commercial biomass processing capabilities and allows it to generate about 50% more revenue per ton of biomass processed than other technologies. The new plant will also include finished manufacturing for selected products.

The company selected Barnesville after evaluating many factors (among them, feedstock availability, proximity to finished product markets and economic incentives). Barnesville is centrally located in Georgia with ready access to road and rail distribution, as well as to strategic ports in Savannah and Brunswick and to the major international airport in Atlanta. The site is also closely situated to four colleges, each of which have an array of relevant technical programs producing talent for internships, recruitment and technology development.

Attis remains in conversations with previously announced states for additional facilities that contribute to execute its vision to build more than fifty biorefineries across the United States over the next ten years.

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