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jueves, 28 de junio de 2018

Global Bioenergies scales up its C3 process in the BPF

Type of post: FLASH NEWS.

Global Bioenergies have just reached a new milestone in scaling-up its C3 process converting renewable resources into isopropanol and acetone. At the end of 2017, ARD carried out the first stage (see more information here: “Global Bioenergies starts scale-up of a process to transform renewable resources into acetone and isopropanol”, 12/12/2017). The next phase (demo scale: several cubic meters, it represents a further 20-fold increase) has been subcontracted to the Bioprocess Pilot Facility (BPF). The trials, which have been successfully performed, pave the way towards a first commercial plant. The company is already engaged in concrete discussions with major international industrialists to partner on the commercial deployment of the process.

Figure 1. BPF fermentation pilot modules (extracted from its web page). The scaling-up trials of the C3 process of Global Bioenergies have been performed there.

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