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viernes, 8 de junio de 2018

A partnership between IKEA and Neste will make bio-polypropylene commercial production possible

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No one has ever before been able to produce polypropylene (PP) from a fossil-free raw material other than on a laboratory scale. A collaboration between IKEA and Neste, which was initiated in 2016, will make bio-PP commercial production possible (see press release, 7/6/2018).

IKEA is working to change all of the fossil-based polymers used in its products to plastic based on recycled and/or renewable materials by 2030. One of the ongoing projects on this journey is an alliance with Neste to turn biomass feedstocks (used cooking oil as well as sustainable vegetable oils) into PP and polyethylene (PE).

Figure 1. IKEA will use bio-PP and bio-PE in products that are part of its current portfolio (extracted from the press release)

The pilot at commercial scale of PP and PE, chosen to contain 20% renewable content, will start during fall 2018. The production of the biobased plastics will be based on Neste’s 100% renewable hydrocarbons. IKEA will use the biopolymers in products that are part of its current portfolio (such as plastic storage boxes), starting with a limited number of units. As capacities improve, more products will follow.

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