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lunes, 5 de marzo de 2018

Profile: Biofuels International Conference & Expo and co-hosted events

Type of post: EVENT PROFILE.

The BioRefineries Blog proudly announces its media partnership with the series of events: Biofuels International Expo & Conference, International Biogas Congress & Expo and International Biomass Congress & Expo. Organised by Biofuels International and Bioenergy Insight, these 3 conferences in one will bring together leading stakeholders and companies, giving participants unrivalled coverage.

With regulations and markets constantly evolving, it is becoming increasingly important to stay informed on this ever-changing landscape. Not only will attendees benefit from the fantastic networking opportunities available but they will hear two-days of engaging talks from high-level speakers and discover: the trends that will shape their biofuels plans for the near future; a range of biogas related topics within Europe and beyond; the last updates on the biomass sector.

Figure 1. Logos of the 3 conferences in one

Key information

10 – 11 October 2018
Berlin (Germany)
Leading producers, suppliers, regulators and other engaged organisations of the following fields: biofuels, biogas and biomass.
Delegates have full access to the three conferences at no extra cost. You only need to register once for all events.

Thematic areas

Biofuels International Expo & Conference
International Biogas Congress & Expo
International Biomass Congress & Expo
DAY ONE: 10th October 2018
- Outlining regulations and proposals under the Renewable Energy Directive.
- Reviewing the RED post-2020.
- How can the market prepare for RED II?
- Decarbonising transport: regulatory update.
- Competing for market share: with electric vehicles vying for headline space, how can the biofuels sector stay ahead of the game?
- Latest developments in marine biofuels.
- Biofuels in aviation: latest developments.
- The future role of biofuels in transport.
- The regulatory outlook for biogas and biomethane in Europe.
- RED II – ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans Package’.
- The role of governments in moving to a subsidy-free future.
- Overview of the European biogas sectors. What does the future hold?
- European biomethane market analysis – experiences, challenges and opportunities.
- How to secure investment for your projects?
- The circular economy and biomethane production.
- Regulatory overview for the European pellet sector.
- Case study: Growth in the German pellet market.
- Supply and demand outlook for European pellets market.
- How to ensure optimum pellet quality?
- Wood chips versus pellets.
- Is the premium pellet market sustainable?
- Exploring opportunities in the Asian pellet sector.
- How to pelletise different wood resources?
DAY TWO: 11th October 2018
- Emerging opportunities in the bioethanol sector.
- Emerging opportunities in the biodiesel sector.
- Case study: Learning from international biofuels markets.
- Biofuels pricing and market outlook.
- Emissions requirements: reviewing challenges with biofuels classification and certification.
- Outlining investors risks and expectations in the current biofuels market.
- Outlining limitations on utilising different feedstocks.
- Disruptive technologies: How to create a more efficient and cost-effective biofuels sector.
- Greening the European gas supply – trading sans frontiers.
- Biogas certification – is it needed?
- Biogas and syngas production methods.
- Can biogas be used to decarbonise transport?
- How to use AD to optimise and upgrade plants.
- Sustainable feedstocks and how to choose the right ones.
- Market overview for industrial pellets.
- Case study: Biomass co-generation.
- European pellet boiler markets.
- How to secure investment for biomass project growth.
- Pellet sectors: commercial versus residential.
- Biomass pricing outlook:
Baltic pellets versus US pellets.

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