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jueves, 11 de enero de 2018

CHS to use in-seed corn enzyme technology from Syngenta at Illinois ethanol plant

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Syngenta has just announced an agreement with CHS Inc. to use Enogen® corn enzyme technology (see press release, 8/1/2018) at its 130-million-gallon (490 Ml) ethanol plant in Rochelle (Illinois, USA). The plant is a dry mill corn-based operation and was acquired by CHS in June 2014. The product is blended with gasoline to increase octane and improve emissions quality.

Figure 1. CHS ethanol plant in Rochelle (extracted from Illinois Renewable Fuels Association web site)

Enogen is an in-seed innovation designed specifically to enhance ethanol production. The alpha amylase enzyme found in Enogen grain helps an ethanol plant significantly reduce the viscosity of its corn mash and eliminates the need to add a liquid form of the enzyme. In this way, it improves plant performance: increase in throughput and yield, decrease in energy usage.

Moreover, the marketing agreement enables local farmers to serve as enzyme suppliers. Several million dollars in premiums are expected to be paid annually to growers raising Enogen corn for the CHS plant.

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  1. α-Amylase is a protein enzyme EC that hydrolyses alpha bonds of large, alpha-linked polysaccharides, such as starch and glycogen, yielding glucose and maltose. It is the major form of amylase found in Humans and other mammals. alpha amylase