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miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2018

Six new biofuel investment proposals approved in India

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The Government of Uttar Pradesh, a state in Northern India, has cleared six biofuel investment proposals worth almost 17 billion INR (approximately, 200 M€). According to the Business Standard, a high-level committee headed by the state chief secretary has recently approved the six biofuel projects (see Yogi govt clears six biofuel investment proposals worth Rs 17 billion, 4/10/2018). A summary of the available data is shown in the tables below.

One of the plants will be developed by Sunlight Fuels Private Limited (Sunlight Fuels).
Sunlight Fuels, headquartered in New Delhi, entered into a license agreement for IH2 technology with a Singapore-based affiliate of CRI Catalyst Company LP (CRI) in 2016.
Site of 90 acres in Sitapur.
500 tons/day of bagasse.
The company has an agreement with the local Birla Group for the supply of feedstock from its sugar mill in Hargaon (Sitapur).
150 tons/day of drop-in hydrocarbon transportation fuels.
IH2 technology is a continuous catalytic thermo-chemical process which produces transportation fuels from agricultural, forest and sorted municipal residues.
The process was developed by Gas Technology Institute (GTI) of Des Plaines (IL, USA) in 2009. GTI and CRI have jointly continued development of the technology since 2010.
The biofuel plant will be set under technical collaboration with KBR (the Netherlands).
15.5 billion INR (approximately, 182 M€).

The rest of the projects
Sitapur, Hapur, Meerut, Bareilly and Muzaffarnagar.
Farm waste, press mud (sugarcane byproduct) and other agro wastes.
Biofuel, bioCNG and biofertiliser.
200 million INR (approximately, 2.5 M€).

Figure 1. IH2 demonstration facility located at Shell Technology Center Bangalore (STCB) in India (extracted from CRI website). One of the new plants will be based on IH2 technology.

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