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miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

City of Toronto and Enbridge will build a Renewable Natural Gas plant

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Enbridge Gas Distribution and the City of Toronto will build and install equipment that will turn the city's organic waste into clean energy (see press release, 20/7/2018).

It will be located at Dufferin Organics Processing Facility (Toronto, Canada).
Organic waste (apple cores, egg shells, coffee grounds…).
Products and production capacity
5 million cubic metres of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).
The methane produced by anaerobic digestion will be captured, cleaned and injected into the natural gas distribution system to feed the very trucks that picked up the green bin waste. It would be enough to fuel 132 garbage trucks (90% of the city's fleet).
Expected start-up

Figure 1. Creating energy from organic waste (extracted from the press release)

The Ontario Ministry of Energy believes that RNG can replace up to 15% of Ontario's conventional natural gas supply by 2035. Converting fleets, public transit and heavy-duty vehicles from diesel to natural gas will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 15% and save up to 40% on fuel costs.

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