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viernes, 24 de noviembre de 2017

ARENA to provide financial support for the pilot biorefinery of Ethtec in Hunter

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Ethanol Technologies Limited (Ethtec) is developing a process for the production of ethanol and other high-value fermentation products from lignocellulosic materials such as crop stubbles, cotton gin trash, timber residues and sugar cane bagasse. This Australian biofuel company intends to construct a 30 M$ pilot-scale facility (Hunter Pilot Biorefinery) located at Muswellbrook (Upper Hunter Valley of New South Wales) as part of a 48 M$ project.

According to a recent announcement, the completion of the pilot plant will receive support from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). On behalf of the Australian Government, ARENA will fund it with 11.9 M$. The project is also endorsed by several partners:
- Jiangsu Jintongling Fluid Machinery Technology Company Limited. Its financial contribution (11.9 M$ in matching funding) will play a part in the construction of the pilot plant and its overall involvement in the project will assist in commercialising the Ethtec process.
- Apace Research Limited.

Video of the University of Newcastle about the Ethtec process 

The facility would enable Ethtec to complete the development and demonstration of its advanced biofuel technology. It will process around 2 dry tons of biomass per day and will be used to generate the engineering data to construct commercial scale plants with a biomass processing capability in excess of 250 dry tons per day. The project is being undertaken in four phases, with each phase incorporating new technology and addressing the associated technical risks. Ethtec has invested over 18.6 M$ million in the project to date, with 15.6 M$ coming from shareholders and 3 M$  from the Federal Government.

More information:
- Press release of Ethtec (21/11/2017): Advancing Second Generation Production.
- News from the University of Newcastle (21/11/2017): Reaping the benefits of agricultural waste.

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