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lunes, 21 de agosto de 2017

BioGTS to build a vehicle biomethane plant in Finland

BioGTS is a Finnish company that provides scalable biorefinering solutions based on patented biogas and biodiesel technologies. Such solutions have been designed for the treatment of organic biodegradable wastes from municipalities, industries and farms. The firm has just signed a purchase agreement with BioSairila concerning the delivery of a biorefinery to the City of Mikkeli in Eastern Finland (see press release).

The plant will utilize municipal and agricultural biomass for the production of biogas and fertilizer products. At the moment, the waste management center of Metsäsairila Oy (local waste management company) treats biowaste and sewage sludge at a composting plant to obtain soil improvement products utilized in landscaping. In a close future, vehicle fuel and recycled nutrients will be generated from those residues in the BioSairila plant. The production of vehicle biomethane will offer an opportunity for car owners to switch to a low emission driving in the area of Mikkeli.

Figure 1. Model of the biogas plant that BioGTS will deliver to BioSairila (extracted from BioGTS web page)

Project datasheet:
Site of Metsäsairila in Mikkeli (Finland).
Biorefinery provider
Anaerobic digestion and biogas upgrading.
Municipal and agricultural biomass.
Products and production capacity
- Biogas that will be upgraded to biomethane and mainly utilized and sold as transportation fuel. The full production capacity will correspond to the annual fuel consumption of approximately 1,400 passenger cars. Part of the biogas will be liquefied.
- Fertilizers.
Total investment equals to about 9.7 M€.
It has received the investment grant from the Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland in the amount of 3.4 M€.
The construction work will begin during autumn 2017 and the plant will start its operation at the beginning of 2019.

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