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lunes, 10 de abril de 2017

China CAMCE will build the biorefinery of Boreal Bioref in Finland

Boreal Bioref Oy and China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd. (CAMCE) signed a mutually binding EPC contract on 5th April. In accordance with the Contract Agreement, CAMCE will build a biorefinery in Finland, providing services of design, supply, civil construction, installation, commissioning and personnel training, among others. The contract price amounts to 800 M€ with a project duration of 30 months. Furthermore, Boreal Bioref and CAMCE have agreed that the first one shall become a shareholder in the second one. The investment related agreement has also been signed by Silvi Industries AB, which is CAMCE’s partner company. Finally, a third agreement has been signed by CAMCE, Boreal Bioref and the China Development Bank (CDB). This agreement sets out the targets of the parties with respect to the financing of the investment and its associated arrangements. The signings coincided with the Chinese presidential visit to Finland.

Figure 1. One of the signing ceremonies between Boreal Bioref and CAMCE (extracted from the press release of Boreal Bioref)

Let us know more about the technical details of Boreal Bioref project.

Biorefinery model
Forest biorefinery
Kemijärvi (Lapland, Finland).
It is a suitable location for several reasons:
- Pre-existing industrial infrastructure.
- Guaranteed water supply.
- Abundance of feedstock.
- Availability of competent workforce and partners.
Processing capacity and raw materials
2.3 million m3/year of thinning wood and wood chips.
Only 4 million m3 of the annual growth of Lapland's forests (13 million m3/year) are utilised. Sawmills and glulam plants located in the same industrial area generate by-products suitable for use as raw material in the biorefinery to the amount of over 400,000 m3 per year.
Production capacity and products
400,000 tons of biomaterials and biochemicals per year.
It will manufacture both basic established products that are in high demand as well as more innovative and higher margin specialist products:
- Dissolving pulp
- Long fibre market pulp
- Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC)
- C5 and C6 sugars
- Pine oil and turpentine
- Bioenergy
- Soil improvement substances
Investment decision: 2017.
Construction: 2018–2019.
Start-up: early 2020.
Construction phase: around 2,700 jobs.
Operation of the biorefinery: 200 people.
Total impact on the employment in Kemijärvi and Eastern Lapland (direct and indirect): over 1,000 jobs.

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